David Dumdei

David Dumdei grew up on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State where he spent his childhood writing, composing, and exploring the mountains, forests, and ocean. David studied music composition at Trinity Western University. He has written symphonic compositions, string quartets, chamber music, and numerous instrumental pieces.

How to Find a Good Music Teacher in Your Area

Choosing the right music teacher can make the difference between musical success and failure… but how do you find a good teacher? We want someone who will inspire and motivate us while equipping us with everything we need for a lifetime of musical joy and excellence… In this article I will walk you through the [.....]

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Traditional and Contemporary Music Lessons

Music lessons can take many different shapes and forms. There are a variety of approaches to learning an instrument and developing musicianship. Teachers and music academies often align themselves with either a traditional approach to music education or one of the many variations of contemporary music lessons. In so doing they both miss the [.....]

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