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Guitar lessons at Dungeness Music Academy are all about the student, what they enjoy, and what motivates them. We introduce our students to a variety of guitar styles and take them in the directions they are most interested in.

Guitar Lessons Geared to You

We create a unique learning plan for each student that is challenging but not overwhelming. At our music academy we do not take a “one size fits all” approach to music education. Not only do our student’s interests and styles differ, but also the way they think and learn is unique.

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Private Guitar Lessons vs. Self-Taught

Guitar lessons can take many different forms. This is partly because of the many different styles the guitar is capable of. But also because so many guitar players are either self-taught or took music lessons from someone who is. For many generations guitar lessons have taken the shape of the teacher and there has been very little “standard approaches”.

It’s true, just about anyone can teach themselves the guitar. And so many people have! And I’ve seen many positive and successful examples of this. I’ve also seen how guitar lessons, with a thorough approach, produces a much more well rounded musician. And when these lessons teach good technique, people are able to learn and progress much quicker and go much further as musicians.

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