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Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons at Dungeness Music in Sequim, WA

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Piano lessons are often the best place to begin musical development, especially for young children. Children can begin piano lessons with us as early as 4 years old. When students reach an early intermediate level they will have mastered the essential concepts of music and are easily able to learn another instrument. With a musical foundation they can focus on the techniques unique to whichever instrument they move on to without being distracted or held back by the challenges of general musicianship. Schedule a FREE LESSON today and meet with one of our piano teachers.

Cost of Piano Lessons

We make learning the piano practical and affordable. Piano lessons cost $84 per month for weekly half-hour lessons, or $152 per month for hour lessons. We also offer an easy and inexpensive instrument rental program for those who don’t have a piano yet.

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Piano is the essential instrument for composers and arrangers. And piano lessons offer the most potential for developing a deep understanding of music theory, appreciation, and history. In learning the piano you will learn general musicianship skills that lead naturally to many other disciplines within music. Schedule a meeting with one of our piano teachers to find out more.


Sequim, WA is a town full of music and it always has been! There is an abundance of musical activities all year long in Sequim. Piano players and musicians have plenty of opportunity to share and explore their talents on the Olympic Peninsula. Sequim is a great place for pianists to meet, play, and perform with other musicians.

To inspire and foster a lifelong love of music.