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Learning the Ukulele
We are excited to offer ukulele lessons at Dungeness Music Academy! Our lessons will accommodate your musical goals and inspire new ones. Whether you would like to learn fun songs such as Somewhere Over the Rainbow or you are looking to become a master of the ukulele, our ukulele lessons will equip you with the right musical tools to help grow you in your knowledge and love for music.

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My daughter loves learning piano here! Her teacher is funny, patient and encouraging. I absolutely recommend DMA.

Nikki Hooker

Love this place… Great teachers. My kids have improved greatly because of the positive encouragement without being bossy. My kids love it. Plus they teach multiple instruments so one stop […]

Aimee Smith

I really appreciate Melissa’s dedication to teaching and adapting the lessons to my daughter’s needs.  She doesn’t have a personal agenda, and is

Anastasia Bergren

Melissa is a great teacher! She is inspiring our daughter to exceed with piano and singing. We are really enjoying our experience with Dungeness Music Academy.

Nicolas Day

Our son has blossomed in his love for music while taking lessons from Dungeness Music Academy. The time there is a fun, exciting adventure for him. He looks forward all […]

Chuck and Karen Fink

Our daughters have had lessons at Dungeness Music Academy for 5 years. I love that they make music fun for them. They challenge them while encouraging them in their natural […]

Dawn Mason

I appreciate Dungeness Music Academy for stretching my children not just on a musical instrument but in all their musical abilities.

Marilyn VanProyen

My kids have loved their music lessons at DMA!

Francis Rice

Dungeness Music Academy is a great place where my kids are challenged and stretched to become better musicians. The instructor is patient and encourages them to reach their potential.

Tammy Rediger

My son enjoys piano because of his teacher. He has patiently motivated my child to levels beyond my expectations and beyond the level that my son, himself, feels he is able […]

Priya Jayadev

Ukulele Lessons that Teach Musicianship
This small, four-stringed instrument is perfect for accompanying a singer or soloist. Coordinating between both hands while keeping a steady rhythm is a useful skill that carries over to other instruments – especially the guitar. Also, as the student becomes more familiar with the ukulele, they will start to develop an awareness of chord structures and harmonic movement which is an essential tool for composers and songwriters.
Types of Ukulele
Commonly, there are four different types of ukulele: Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone Ukulele. Soprano is the smallest size of ukulele and baritone is the largest. Soprano, concert, and tenor ukulele are all played in the same way. However, the baritone ukulele uses a different tuning and different fingerings, and it is played more like a guitar. If you are thinking about taking guitar lessons in the future, then the baritone ukulele would be a great choice.
We offer ukulele lessons for all sizes of ukulele with a variety of levels and styles of music lessons in Sequim, WA.
The four strings on a baritone ukulele use the same tuning and fingering as the first four strings of a guitar.

A complete music education that will inspire a lifelong love of music.